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Understanding Dreams Heals The Soul_Dale


Is God speaking to you today in your dreams? Understanding dreams can be a key to rapid healing of the soul for you and others. By understanding your dreams, using Biblically based methods, your intimacy with God will increase as you discover how God is speaking to you, so that you can be aligned to His love and purposes. This unique teaching emphasizes how you can live victoriously by taking authority in your dreams over hindrances and conflicted soul areas resulting in wholeness of the soul. This teaching empowers you to understand God’s picture language, and to be aware of the enemy’s plans and possible traps that could cause you to be stuck. Restoration and healing results as you take authority in your dreams or visions, and a deeper intimacy develops with your father God.

How To Be An Overcomer_Dale Shannon.png


How to Be an Overcomer imparts significant keys to living the abundant life Jesus promised us in John 10:10. These transformative keys have been developed through my years of ministering, life coaching, and teaching people to be transformed from areas of being stuck to becoming whole, productive and free to fulfill their dreams and life purpose. Originally written to equip ministers of healing, How to Be an Overcomer, is for everyone who desires to overcome obstacles and fulfill their dreams. This resource coaches you to live the abundant life through discernment, becoming a priest, heavenly courtroom prayer, renewing the mind, and terraforming the land. My passion is to bring kingdom restoration to people and regions.

Fulfill Your Dream & Destiny

Fulfill Your Dream by renewing your mind in Christ. This seminar is full of keys that will help you unlock your full potential and transform every aspect of your life. You’ll learn to live life as a victor instead of a victim being released from old mindsets and put on the mind of Christ. You’ll learn to unlock God dreams, possibilities and promises within you empowering you to create the outcomes and life you desire.


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