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Meet  Dale

&  Fulfill Your Dream

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm Dale Shannon, Director of Fulfill Your Dream, a non-profit ministry created to support individuals to discover and fulfill their God given dreams and overcome obstacles that have held them back.   My passion and joy is empowering people to transform and attain freedom, purpose, fulfillment and desired outcomes.

As a Christian Spiritual Coach, I teach and facilitate people to encounter God to receive freedom from hindrances, and renew their minds transforming the way they perceive, think, speak, and act.  By partnering with the Holy Spirit, speculations of fear and condemnation are overcome, so minds can be renewed.  Clients who used to be stuck, or had trauma or phobias have had immediate breakthroughs by re-creating neural pathways to process past memories in a renewed, restored, and resourceful way. 

As a Life Purpose Coach, I empower world changers to discover and fulfill their life purpose, passions, goals, and desired outcomes.  My coaching hat is similar to a miner’s hat that I put on when mining the hidden treasure within a person and bringing it to the surface so it can be revealed, explored and developed.  No matter what state a person is in when we meet, there is something precious within longing to be awakened to destiny purpose.

 Through listening and asking powerful questions, clients feel safe to explore, express and experience the powerful potential within.  They now  believe in themselves, see the possibilities, set goals and accomplish them.

 In coaching, the client moves from his/her present state to his/her desired state through resources and experiences.

  The uniqueness of this Christian Life Purpose Coaching approach is that it’s an inside out approach, (spirit, soul, and body), and a top down approach in logical levels of vision, identity, beliefs, choices, skills, and actions. When a person is congruent and aligned in all these areas, resistance to change is removed and transformation happens, with new neural pathways building easily in the mind, heart, and soul. When one's spirit connects to the vision for which it was created, and its identity as a child of God, the soul begins the renewal process of the mind, will and emotions, bringing into alignment thoughts, language, character, values, and choices.  Finally the body comes into alignment with the spirit and the soul demonstrating transformation in actions, and behaviors.


Are you ready to experience freedom, wholeness, and  fulfill your personal destiny?


"Through coaching, the client moves from his/her present state to his/her desired state through resources and experiences."

  • Professional Life Coach (ICF, Erickson College)

  • Awyken Christian Coach Trainer

  • NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming) Master Practitioner

  • Family Coach Certification, CCE ICF

  • Weight Loss Master Coach (Global NLP)

  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach (Global NLP)

  • Motivational Coach (Global NLP)

  • Purpose and Vision Navigator (Univ North Carolina)

  • On Course I & II Trainer (Skip Downing)

  • Aslan’s Place Ministry Certified / Ordained

  • Sozo / Shebar Bethel Certified

  • RTF Certified, Restoring the Foundations

Degrees / Affiliations
  • MA English TESOL

  • BA Multi-Cultural Studies

  • Member HIM; Harvest International Ministries apostolic network and alignment

  • Member TWC; The Warrior Class, Graham Cooke ministry alignment

  • Member Coast Christian Fellowship, Torrance, Ca. 

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